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I’m a late-in-life artist.

As a young person, I wasn’t’ sure what degree I wanted to pursue because I liked travel and art.  My dad scoldingly but well-meaningly stated that everyone wants to travel and create art so I need to choose something where I can actually earn a living!  I took art classes which I loved, but earned a degree in Broadcast Journalism.   


I was also in love and followed my future husband to south Florida and worked in property management, managing beautiful properties on the water.  We bought a boat in our first year of marriage and have had one ever since into our 37th  year of married life.  We didn’t just reside in sunny south Florida surrounded by water; we were immersed in it.  I quit my job to stay home with kids and I loved every minute of it as I took the kids to the beach, and we took them out on the boat even before they could swim.  They turned into water babies! Now our granddaughter, since before she was two years old, has already learned to love the water!


As the kids got older, I took part-time jobs until they were out of college and launched on their own. I decided to pick up the pursuit of art again and of course I started with the water as central to the themes in my work.         


I have been self taught in watercolor, oil, and alcohol ink painting before my crushed glass endeavor.                                                             

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